“In the search to understand our circumstances, their origins, our concepts of identity, the ways that we communicate and the world that we create together with our thoughts and actions, theatre reveals, explores, and expresses our journey most directly. In the making, it is a process and form that relies on intimate collaborative effort and produces a living moment connecting performer to audience to idea. It is a way of joining together in curiosity and peering into the unknown. It bestows us with a mirror that reflects back the shape of our culture; it reveals a lineage of form, content and perspective, it is a living library of cultural heritage and an experimental laboratory that allows us to investigate possibilities, identities, potential realities, and to ask, “what if......?” Through the lens of the theatre we create, we can examine our own human society it’s perceptions and dispositions and make conscious decisions about it’s present direction.

Ruth Pongstaphone -Executive Director Dhamma Theatre West

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