About Dhamma Theatre West


Dhamma Theatre West is a non-profit producing organization that supports and facilitates intercultural education, dialogue and collaboration between theatre artists from Southeast Asia and the West.  The organization was founded in 2006 by Ruth Pongstaphone to undertake the exploration of Buddhist perspectives and experiences within theatrical technique, performance, narrative, philosophy and iconography.

The purpose of Dhamma Theatre West is to promote the creation of new international work that is inspired by Buddhist thought and the meeting of Asian and Western concepts, forms, mythologies, and symbols addressing a global audience. Theatre is a socially powerful interaction; the mission of Dhamma Theatre West is to develop sensitivity, compassion and awareness between human beings by engaging communities and individuals in interactions that promote creative exploration and discussion of issues relevant to the local and global society; to replace conflict with collaboration and to navigate social evolution with mindfulness. For more information about projects produced by Dhamma Theatre West Inc. please visit the projects gallery. For information about the corporation, the Board of Directors, or current projects please contact :  info@dhammatheatrewest.org.

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