2008 iUi Festival

@ Alliance Francais (Myanmar)

The iUi Festival is a biennial event that invites local Burmese master artists  and professional theatre artists from all over the world to Yangon for one week to give workshops and create collaborative performances with emerging artists from Burma at the Alliance Français. The event began in 2008 when performance artist, Nyan Lin Htet initiated the iUi project; iUi stands for initiating, updating and integrating, a process he deems vitally important to the development of contemporary theatre in Burma. The mission of the project is to make continuous effort to promote contemporary theatre through creative as well as intellectual approaches in Burma. Lin Htet is also the founder of the Theatre of the Disturbed, a non-profit independent theatre group based in Yangon. 

Design as Performance -workshop by Ruth Pongstaphone

A three hour workshop and discussion for performance artists to enhance awareness of the power of visual design and the impact of the physical presence of objects on the stage. Every object is a performer and every design element is an actor cast in a part.

Performance Creation Workshop -with Rey Buono & Ruth Pongstaphone

The workshop uses the film work of Act without Words by Samuel Beckett as a starting point for cross-cultural dialogue with young theatre performers to inspire them in the development of an original performance made with the intention of transcending linguistic and cultural borders while sharing an overwhelmingly intimate story. The students of the Alliance at iUi festival created a performance entitled, “Our Carrot”, a work which spoke about the uses and abuses of our natural and human resources.

Produced by The Theatre of the the Disturbed
Hosted by the Alliance Français, Yangon
Supported by Dhamma Theatre West Inc.

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