2009 SpaceDance Thailand

@ Suan Silp Baan Din / Fringe Festival (Thailand)

Tetsuro Fukuhara leads a workshop for dancers and non-dancers using the basic precepts of Butoh in an encounter with his “Space Tubes”. The “Space Tubes” are sheaths of stretch white lycra-like “space” fabric that are suspended from points on the ceiling grid and stretched to points on the ground or near ground. Entering the tubes, dancers are surprised by the sensation of weightlessness as they are suspended inside cocoons above the ground; they search for ways to move inside the tubes and a new dance comes into being. The tubes pose the question to the body, “How does the body move when the ground does not resist?” The workshop leading up to the performance was two weeks in length hosted by the Patravadi Theatre in Bangkok. The workshop culminated in a weekend performance that was part of a month-long festival of international arts in Ratchaburi, Thailand. SpaceDance Thailand 2009 was performed at the River Stage festival grounds connected to the Artist’s Residency and festival host -Suan Silp Baan Din.

Butoh Workshop & Performance by Tetsuro Fukuhara
Program Directed by Ruth Pongstaphone
Performed by Vidura Amaranand, Akil Davis, Magic Mathinee & Thanapol Virunhakul
Produced by
Dhamma Theatre West Inc.
Facilitated by The Patravadi Theatre & Suan Silp Baan Din

© Dhamma Theatre West Inc 2012