2010 Das Imaginäreland


@ Stadttheatre Hildburghausen (Thuringia Germany)

Das ImaginareLand was commissioned by the theatre community of the Hildburghausen as premier production of an original story written by Ruth Pongstaphone, along the voice of the community of artists and musicians involved in the Kunstbrauerei Weitersroda. The story features a stranger, played by Lily Wong, who has landed unexpectedly and by uncertain means in the Thuringian forest and become thoroughly enchanted by it, only to discover the looming threat that means to disrupt its ancient serenity -a new electric grid. The story unfolds with narrative commentary from Prinz Chaos who takes on the role of both hosting and interrogating the stranger as she encounters the inhabitants of village she has stumbled upon. Introducing herself as a crypto- archeologist, someone who studies things that might never have existed, she explains that she is seeking venus navigating her course with a mystical compass and somehow she has arrived “here” in a place that doesn’t appear to exist. While the stranger’s story seems outlandish to the villagers in the local pub, they are still curious.

The reactions and interactions between the stranger, the villagers, the Prinz and the audience become a hilarious series of attempts to understand each other that eventually leads to a real forming of common ground, simply through the experience of trying to communicate. The stranger’s story offers a reflection of the beauty and mythology of the forest through new eyes and with Prinz Chaos leading the way, incites a discussion about its preservation between the players and the audience. The play includes original songs written by local songwriters, Florian Kirner, Johanna Rau, Stefan Schramm and Tilo Schaefer.

Written, Directed & Designed by Ruth Pongstaphone
Narrated by Florian Kirner aka Prinz Chaos
Performed by Heiko Bernardy, Johanna Rau, Astrid Ruehle, Stefan Schramm, Tilo Schaefer, Laura Weider, Lily Wong and ensemble.
Produced by Dhamma Theatre West Inc.
Special Thanks to Tilo Kummer 

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