2012 TOWER 


@ Anne Hamilton's Tower, Oliver Ranch (California)

TOWER is a sonic exploration of the power of architecture, iconography, and presence. This performance takes full advantage of the dynamics of the Tower’s structure, using its spiraling staircases to touch on notions of sacred geometry, systems of energy, and the processes of evolution. Through the intersection of music and visual design, the Tower’s symbolism is brought to life. Using classical instruments, as well as the manipulation of ordinary objects and human voices, performers create a sonic atmosphere that is tangible and immediate. Musicians circulate throughout the Tower, enhancing the resonance of sound, imagery and narrative. The Tower itself becomes an instrument played by the ensemble. The Choreography for TOWER dancers explores the architecture of Anne Hamilton’s Tower as a journey. Through the dancers the Tower becomes inhabited by reflections of the mundane and the extraordinary elements of existence.  Using movement, architecture and context, the dances create meeting point between the real and the imagined; looking into the Tower becomes a portal into the cyclical nature of our evolution.

The Tower has appeared throughout time as a symbol, steeped in mythology and history, with a multitude of interpretations. For the creators of Sympho’s TOWER, the artistic process was one of discovery and experimentation: unleashing the dynamics of the Tower’s form and structure as well as encountering the power of its archetypal symbolism. Following initial discussions and individual research, the collaborating artists visited the site to engage in a creative dialogue with the Tower itself. Experimenting with architecture, objects, instruments, gestures and rhythms, the form for this performance was born of their exploration of the sounds and visions that are suggested by the Tower’s elegant and colossal structure. Communicating the vastness of experience that is the Tower became the challenge and the joy of this work. 

@ Anne Hamilton Tower, Oliver Ranch, Sonoma California
Directed and Choreographed by Ruth Pongstaphone with Akil Davis
Composed by Christopher Bono, Paul Haas, & Bora Yoon
Produced by Sympho
Supported by Our Silent Canvas & Dhamma Theatre West Inc
Performed by Dancers : Akil Davis, Kompiang Metri Davies, Sarah Bird Passemar, Ethan Dunn, Megan Rhodes, & Irma Spars.

© Dhamma Theatre West Inc 2012